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Frequently Asked Questions

Our standard lease is one year

Not without exceptional circumstances and prior approval.

Not without management approval.


$450, $225 is non-refundable at exit.

$225 is refundable if no damages or debts are pending.

Includes refrigerator, dishwasher, stove, and a washer and dryer.

Water, garbage, sewer and internet by Optix Media (Fiber) wireless internet with up to 100Mb/sec.

Text Management three days prior to moving in and they will let you know the process of how to receive your keys, which apartment you will move into, and how to fill out the move-in form.

Excessive or large nail holes will be penalized.

 Internet by Optix Media (Fiber) wireless internet with up to 100Mb/sec.

There is sufficient parking for one vehicle per unit. At this time, there is not cost associated with parking. 

Not at this time, but your personal items are not insured by Hearland so you may want to look into getting it or at least look at the pros and cons. 

30 days minimum.

No, you will need to pay for electricity and gas. Prior to move-in date (or as soon as possible), please contact the following companies and request that service be transferred into your name.

Rocky Mountain Power 1-888-221-7070
Intermountain Gas Co 1-800-548-3679

Rent is due on the 1st of the month and is paid through TurboTenant on the tenant portal. You will set up your bank account the first time, and it will give you the option for autopay. On the 8th day, there will be a late charge of 5%.

No pets allowed.

To maintain the property in a respectful manner and to return it so the same state or similar to the date of move in.

We maintain the appliances, and the grounds outside including lawn and snow removal.

Use TurboTenant to fill out a maintenance request.

Management can enter without permission but our intent is to always pre-notify by phone or text and if not knock three times prior to entry.

It is expected to return in the same condition as move in. Normal carpet cleaning is covered in your non-refundable deposit. Beyond normal carpet cleaning will come out of your deposit.


Garbage collection is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. No mattresses, no paint cans and no items outside the dumpster are allowed. Those items must be taken to the public landfill by the tenant. The Madison County Transfer Station is 1.5 miles on Pioneer Rd. towards the airport at 530 Airport Road, Rexburg. Their phone number is (208) 356-3102 There is no recycling at Heartland at this time.

Start with being polite and courteous. We are here to help but we are not your new parents.

We follow the law.


Neglecting or damaging our property, not following the rules and conditions laid out in the signed lease or any additional agreements between the renter and landlord.

First and last months rent plus a $425 deposit.